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Slayers 15 themes Rounds

Friday, February 24, 2006

9:01AM - Community Adoption

Due to some circumstances in real life I'm putting up some of my communities for adoption. This is one of them. If you would like to adopt this community and become the new moderator and maintainer, then first one can have it, and I'll list you as moderator right away. You can take away my maintainer status too and change it to whatever you want. Otherwise the journal just might get deleted.

So who wants it?

It's been lovely all, but gah! so busy and then there's that loss of interest thing...



Friday, January 27, 2006

8:28AM - 'Spell' -- Becca Stareyes

Title: Oasis
Rating: K (G)
Genre: Flash fiction -- hints of romance and angst, but mostly justintrospective
Character(s)/Pairing: Zelgadis Graywords/Amelia wil tesla Saillune
Warnings: None
Summary: What is physical distance worth when you have emotional distance?

Crossposted to 52_flavours

The campsite was built against the north side of a rock, in what passed for shade in the desert.Collapse )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

4:21PM - Entry #3 - 'Pancakes' theme

Title: In Want of Something
Rating: PG
Genre: humor
Characters: Lina, Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadis
Word Count: 419
Summary: The end result isn't always what one hopes it to be.

yummy pancakesCollapse )

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Monday, January 16, 2006

8:43PM - Entry #2 - 'Battle' theme

Title: Battle of the Sexes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: general
Pairings/Characters: implied Lina x Gourry
Warnings: slight suggestive themes
Word Count: 326
Summary: It's a battle that just can't be won. Ever.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

10:57AM - 15 theme current status

This is just a post to keep track of who has done what so far. I will also organize them into Memories.

So far we have three great submissions for the themes. Keep 'em coming!

sailorpanda --

Revenge: Never Know

secondlina --

Revenge: Slippery Revenge

Spell: The Other Side


Please read and comment if you can and support your fellow Slayers writers. I can't wait to see more!

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12:06AM - Entry #1 - Revenge theme

Title: Never Know
Rating: PG
Genre: general
Pairings/Characters: Lina, Gourry - no pairing.
Warnings: some cussing
Word Count: 784
Summary: No one stole from Lina Inverse. No one.

go to itCollapse )

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

1:40PM - Slayers Novels Campaign - SAVE THEM

Many of you already know about this, but some of you don't.

Tokyopop has releaced a statement that they are not going to continue translating the Slayers novels after vol. 6. Please sign a petition, write a letter, and speak your defense to keep them from abandoning Slayers.

~ Sign the Petition

~ Letter Writing Campaign

~ Original Thread on theslayers group on LJ

Hopefully, if we get enough people who care about Slayers, this will just be a threat and not a reality. It would be a shame if they did this. Many of us were just getting into the novels too, learning more from them, and getting a new dose of Slayers after the anime came out so long ago.

Let's save Slayers! XD

Friday, November 18, 2005

8:19PM - Another post!

I'm usually not this prolific, but in creative writting class, it's hard not to write a snippet while the teacher is yapping XD

So here's my next entry!

Entry two: Spell

Title : The other side
Rating: everyone
Genre : confusion
Pairings or Characters: Mainly just Lina. Lina/Gourry.
Warnings: Presence of drawings.
Summary: Everybody who knows Slayers knows Gourry jumped into chaos to get Lina back from the Lord of Nightmares. However, when the spell swallowed her soul, where did Lina go
? Lina’s version of next’s last episode!

Words: 617

To the other sideCollapse )

Thursday, November 17, 2005

12:02PM - Romance banners

Okay, here are the Romance banners. XD

Romance bannersCollapse )

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11:25AM - Toys Banners

Here are the Toys banners. I put some other options for you with them. Enjoy!

Toys icon bannersCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

10:49PM - first 15 theme challenge post!

Entry one: Revenge

Title : Slippery Revenge
Rating: everyone
Genre : adventure
Pairings or Characters: Mainly just Lina. No pairing.
Warnings: Er…hopefully nothing offensive.
Summary: Lina is sleeping soundly, unaware that her greatest and quite vengeful foe is right next to her ready to finish her off.

Words: 429 words


On to the storyCollapse )

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

9:43AM - Last contest results

Thank you to everyone who participated and voted! I'm so glad that we ended our last contests off with a bang.

So now here are the results. Everyone was voted for! So congratulations to all of you.

Toys results:

1st place: "What She Wants" by dqbunny
2nd place: "Living in Grey" by beccastareyes
3rd place TIE: "Blue Knight" by earthstar_moon
3rd place TIE: "Don't You Say It!" by hanyou_yoake

Romance results:

1st place: "The Breaking Point" by dqbunny
2nd place: "Soap and Bubbles" by paynesgrey (Awww...thanks you guys!)
3rd place: "Moonlight in Winter" by beccastareyes

All original points tally can be found at the original voting posts. Banners will be up sometime soon this week.
Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for the participation.

Now bring on those 15 theme drabbles! XD

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Friday, November 11, 2005

10:38AM - LAST VOTING TIME - Extension

Well, I've gotten some votes, but not many. I'd like to see some more. C'mon people, this is the VERY LAST voting you'll have to do at this club for this year. And then the next time will be at the end of next. So, yeah, after this one, you'll get a major vacation from voting. I swear on Rezo's grave!

So go vote if you haven't yet at the posts for Toys, HERE and Romance, HERE.

I'm leaving the voting open all weekend until 6 pm Monday night. PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! Especially if you've entered. That would be very helpful. Right now I have a bunch of ties, so a few more people voting will really help alot.


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Monday, November 7, 2005

10:39AM - Change in Community: 15 themes Round 1

This is the official transformation post! The community is changing, as we expected. We're holding our very last drabble and oneshot voting posts for Toys, HERE and Romance, HERE. So go vote if you haven't yet.

So here's the new 411 on the club. The user info page has been changed too.


From now on, we will be doing very laid-back rounds of submitting fiction with 15 themes of fanfiction each round. THERE ARE NO DEADLINES -- POST WHEN YOU HAVE TIME. When you have finished all 15 themes, you will receive a banner for your hard work, and then the first person to complete the first round will be able to pick the next 15 themes for Round 2.

After the first year, I will be checking to see all who’s finished the first round, and out of all those entries, we will decide best overall, and the winner of that will receive a gift certificate to their favorite store (hopefully a store I can find around Chicago to get it), courtesy of your mod. XD (I'm hoping this will at least motivate some people to get done in a year.)

So wait for November 7, 2006. That's when we'll do our best overall contest.


Anyway, without further adieu, here are the 15 themes for Round One:

15 themes for Slayerscontest - Round OneCollapse )

10:31AM - Romance One-shot Voting

Okay, last one. The voting for Romance One-shots is now up!

Voting ends Thursday at midnight central time. As with the drabbles post, I'm going to beg my members to vote! Please! *BEGS*

Commenting isn't necessary although it is very nice. Please comment on the one-shots if you can.

In this format:

1st place: Title/Author's Name
2nd place: Title/Author's Name
3rd place: Title/Author's Name

The entriesCollapse )

Thanks! XD

10:22AM - Toys Voting

The voting is up! Please vote for your favorite THREE for the Toys drabbles. Voting ends Thursday at midnight central time. PLEASE VOTE! Even if you haven't entered, it's really nice to vote, and I've had lack of voting participation in the past. So please... *BEGS*

In this format:

1st place: Title/Author's Name
2nd place: Title/Author's Name
3rd place: Title/Author's Name

Commenting isn't necessary, but it is very nice! Please comment on the entries if you can!

The entriesCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

3:00PM - MOD post

Okay so we have enough entries for a voting post for both themes, but I heard from a couple of people that they still plan on entering. I'll definitely leave it open if more people for sure are going to enter. How does Saturday (midnight central time) sound to those of you that may still have some stuff?

Then we can get along with the new ideas for the community.

Thank you for everyone that has entered so far, and please be sure to look at everyone's hard work and give feedback if possible!


12:53AM - Toys, Becca Stareyes

Title: Living In Grey
Rating: PG
Genre: Introspective
Character: Valgaav
Rating: PG
Warning: Valgaav's Big Fat Angsty Past
Summary: As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods -- they kill us for their spot -- William Shakespeare, King Lear

A long time ago, he had learned the order of the world.Collapse )

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

8:54PM - Toy Theme (okay, so Xelloss is "toying" with Lina...)

Title: Don't You Say It!

Rating: PG for some language out of Lina

Genre: Humor

Pairings or Characters: Characters in this little beauty are Lina and Xelloss

Warnings: None, unless someone's offended by some bad words

Summary: Whenever Lina opened her mouth and asked Xelloss a question, he'd always reply in that flirtatiously annoying manner. What our favorite flat chested sorceress is thinking during one of these moments.

Annoyed Sorceresses have mean thoughtsCollapse )

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3:58PM - Romance theme - 'Just Like Flying'

Title: Just Like Flying
Pairing: Lina / Gourry
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 548
Warning: Introspection, character death.
Summary: What was love to her, anyway?

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